The Caterer is cooled and offers a variety of meals, sandwiches, soups, snacks, salads and drinks, in a very attractive and constant fresh way.

A 24/7 experience for all consumers in all business- and leisure sectors
Eating externally can be just as enjoyable as eating at home.
The Caterer satisfies this need, everywhere where people work or stay

  • It can complement locations that have a canteen, or where this is not viable.
  • Or when a 24/7 service is necessary or larger groups work or stay and a company canteen is not the solution.
  • The Caterer offers you an attractive and appealing range of choice.

The complete offering
Meal Company offers:

  • Sale, lease and rental of the Caterer with technical support
  • Automated information for service and monitoring of the Caterer for HACCP, sales reports, expiry dates and error reporting
  • Operating of the Caterer with selected partners
  • Advice on the range of meals, snacks, salads, sandwiches and where these products can be sourced.

Download here a further description of the potential of the Caterer.